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Summer 2021 Wrap-Up

Sep 06, 2021

I hate sand

And just like that, summer is over. It’s hard to believe that we’re diving headfirst into September already - luckily in Virginia the weather stays pretty nice well into October, so we still have lots of good outdoor time remaining. In my mind, fall is the worst season of the year - mainly because I can’t see the colors when the leaves change, and because I hate the cold and not wearing shorts and chapped lips - but I always forget that I end up wearing shorts and t-shirts well into October. So I’m still in the clear for awhile.

Erin and I just got back from two weeks in the OBX. The first week we were with family in Corolla, and the second week we chilled with friends in Hatteras. Both groups had the same general beach vibe - namely, planning nothing and sitting on the beach drinking White Claws (for me specifically it was Trulys aka the superior White Claw) - so I basically just sat in the same beach chair for two weeks straight, surrounded by sun, surf, and a rotating cast of books. It was fantastic.

Erin makes fun of me because I only have one swimsuit and thought that could carry me through two full weeks at the beach - but to my credit, I really do think I could have made it on one swimsuit coupled with aggressive use of the washing machine. But to her credit, I did buy some cheap swimsuits at Wings as a backup and ripped one of them right down the middle out in the surf, so she probably was onto something. In the end I was glad I had some fallback trunks.

I was able to get some good reading done out on those sandy sandy dunes though:

All in all, two beach weeks made for a great way to wrap up my summer.

Now onwards into fall!