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A Roguelike in Go

Apr 27, 2022

Some friends and I have started tinkering with building a Roguelike in Go - mostly for the fun of it, but at least partially to get some practice writing and thinking about problems in Go.

Fight cultists and bats in your browser here!

We used this devlog as a starting point, but have mostly gone our own way outside of some initial architectural setup and the recommendation to use Ebiten as a game engine. Ebiten in particular is very cool because it can compile to wasm which means we can embed the game in a webpage. Kenney provides fantastic free game assets that we’re using for the tileset.

We have Netlify setup to re-deploy the project whenever a commit gets pushed to main, so you should hypothetically be able to see the current build of our silly little hobby project here if you’re curious. No idea how long that link will stay alive - hopefully for awhile.

Currently we have implemented:

Up next to implement:

I’ll maybe try to keep posting about this little hobby project as more stuff happens with it (if more stuff happens with it) - but for now its very fun to tinker with. We’re having a good time with it.

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