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Hot Corgi Summer - A Short List of Small Wonders

Jun 19, 2021

Today, my sister-in-law asked me what I’m currently most excited about. That is such a good question - its so easy for me to roll through life, just trying to make sure I hit all the checkboxes on things I feel like I’m supposed to do, and I forget that there are lots of things to be excited about. I answered that, honestly, I’m probably most excited for how late the sun sets in the evenings during the summer. I don’t think I realized until now how much the cold dark nights of self-imposed COVID quarantines really did take their toll. Being able to go places and see people and do things and sit outside on my back porch at 8PM - I think those simple things are really, geniunely, what I’m currently most excited about.

Some other things that are really just * chef’s kiss * right now: